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At Arborbrook we want our students to be strong in Christ, rooted in the truth, and bearing the fruit of righteousness.  This is a slow process.  It takes years to develop good habits and years to develop strong character.  We believe the soil of God’s word, the beauty of the outdoors, living ideas found in beautifully written books, and hands-on learning help children to thrive and grow to become adults who are strong enough to withstand the challenges they will face in this life and in the increasingly secular world in which we live.

This is our thirteenth year as a school, and every year we think about what we are doing well and what we could be doing better as a school.  Some of our past improvements have included adding a woodland play area for our students and our flourishing band program.  Rather than doing a large, time-consuming silent auction or sell wrapping paper to raise funds for our strategic objectives, we take a different approach.  Instead, we are sending a direct appeal to you, families and friends of Arborbrook, including our alumni families. We have a big goal to raise $100,000 this year towards some significant improvements to our school, and we are prayerfully hoping you will consider partnering with us to help accomplish these.  There are three priorities we are summing up this way: Preserve. Renovate. Innovate.

  • Preserve  – We want to preserve an Arborbrook education, preserve childhood, and preserve the faith.  We believe what we have to offer as a school is incredibly unique, an education that is balanced and values the whole child as a person, an education that is steeped in Scripture, the beauty of Creation, and the challenge of living ideas.  We are putting money towards “Preserve” by raising funds to put towards teacher salary increases.
  • Renovate – Our campus is in need of some renovation.  We accomplished many significant renovations recently, including adding four new classrooms in our gym, lockers for our new high school area, two new ADA-compliant bathrooms, new partitions in our girls bathroom in the main building, replacing carpet in the junior high building,  fixing the roof of the gym and more!  We are so thankful to our donors for helping us achieve these goals.
  • Innovate – We want to invest in our students and in the future by beginning a 1:1 iPad program in the Junior High.  We currently have a single class set and would like to purchase more iPads.  This will eventually mean that every student in the junior high will use a school-owned iPad device.  Other technology purchases last year equipment for our science labs, ceiling projectors, security cameras, new monitor/scoreboards for the gym, a sound system for the gym, and more.

What can you do?
We are asking you to prayerfully consider giving towards our goal of raising $100,000.  Would you consider giving towards this?  Below is an option to donate via Paypal should you wish to do so.  All donations are tax-deductible. Perhaps your company allows for matching gifts, which is an easy way to double your gift.  We also have a brokerage account (7188-4813) if anyone would prefer to donate stock.  Contact Michelle Beamer if you are interested in that option ( / 704-821-9952) or if you have any other questions or if you wish to make a pledge.  We would love for some families to choose to “round up” their tuition payments each month next year in order to give towards these goals.  Thank you so much for your consideration and prayers for our school.