Impacting the World

Opportunities for servant-leadership that help students discern God’s call on their lives…

“I went to Bulgaria this summer, and I remember realizing that God works in many different ways in different places.  It was really neat seeing God work through the lives of the Bulgarian people.” – MaryKate, sophomore

“I have really enjoyed Nicaragua missions trip and Operations Christmas Child. It is wonderful that our school not only encourages teens to do missions work, but provides opportunities for them.” – Faith, sophomore

“I did go to Nicaragua this past summer and it was the best experience of my life! I learned so many things but I learned that God is always in control no matter what, and He is always there for you even when times are hard. I also realized how much we take things for granted.” – Becca, junior


Version 2

“I went to Nicaragua the summer after my freshman year at Arborbrook. This was one of the most significant times in my life, as it was the time that God clearly called me to worship ministry on the mission field. This past summer I visited Kandaria, Kenya on the east coast of Africa. Here, God spoke to me reaffirming his call on my life to missions and to music as a tool of ministry!” – Mariah, senior  (Check out the website this student created to raise funds for a medical clinic in Kandaria:


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