Ignited Hearts

An emphasis on real-world and missional experiences that cultivate character…

“I think at Arborbrook we are taught to think for ourselves and solve problems on our own. It has taught me more responsibility.”  – Laurel, freshman

“Arborbrook has given me a better knowledge of my faith and how I’ll be able to use it in the outside world.” – Forest, junior

“I think this school has prepared me to look out for others and to keep encouraging others…also to stay in the Word and always read it.” – Mikaela, freshman

“I love seeing students who are being transformed through a real relationship with God.  There isn’t just an outward focus on behavior, but a focus on the heart.  The students I have had the pleasure to teach here are kind to one another, encouraging, respectful, creative, thankful, curious, and truly engaged in their learning.” – Joy, high school teacher



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