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An abundant feast of challenging content and living ideas that result in a love of learning…

“Science is definitely my favorite core class. I love learning about how things work, and the fact that the class is ALWAYS hands-on.” – Chloe, sophomore


“History is my favorite class.  My teacher is awesome and makes history come alive.” – Caleb, freshman

“My favorite core subject is, and has always been, English. I love writing. It is an awesome creative outlet and has so much power! English class at Arborbrook has equipped me to write everything from poems to factual research papers.” – Mariah, senior

“Math is my favorite core course, [My teacher] is an amazing teacher! We work hard,  yet we have fun doing it. She brings in poems about math and gives us the right tools to master our math skills. – Savannah, freshman

“[Arborbrook has prepared me for the future by] teaching me how to learn, not just what to learn.” – Caleb, freshman

“The Mac is a great and enjoyable tool.  I made a ten minute long slideshow for a 100 mile backpacking trip I went on in New Mexico, and got many compliments on it.  I also made a documentary of Waxhaw, with a voice narrating in the background.  Without Technology class, I would not have known how in the world I would have been able to do that kind of stuff.” – Tripp, sophomore

“The small class sizes and the mutually respectful relationship that the Arborbrook teachers and students have make Arborbrook different from many other schools. Arborbrook also differs from other schools in that it inspires students to truly learn instead of just memorize facts that will be easily forgotten.” – Mariah, senior

“[My daughter] is a kinesthetic learner, so this style of education suits her better than traditional classrooms.  She chooses to read on her own now, a big improvement!  Also, her teachers care not only about her academic achievement, but have loved her enough to help shape her character to be more Christ-like.” – Christine, mother of a senior

“Arborbrook’s entry into the community seemed a God gift to me as I was working to learn Charlotte Mason’s philosophy for my children’s sake.  Her ideals honor the children as people.  I am grateful that Arborbrook strives to inspire with great ideas, that the children are exposed to a broad feast of learning, and that they are offered time outdoors and studying nature.  It is rich.” – Stacia, mother of a freshman

“I see continued enthusiasm in subjects that I often hear other kids refer to as boring.  My kids know their teachers love them and see them as individual persons- not numbers, or cookie cutter models off an assembly line.” – Amy, mother of two high school students

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